Thursday, 2 June 2011

Bargain of the day - Japanese Inspired Stationary

japanese stationary

I was wondering round a local discount store when I spotted this adorable stationary set by chance. It was only £1.59 so i decided to buy it.

It has little geishas and kokeshi dolls all over the notebook with butterflies, cats and flowers. There is also a rubber in the shape of a fan, a pencil sharpener with the girls printed on it, and a pencil with the girls on it also, and a clear pink pen and ruler. These all came in a little plastic ziplock bag with a little geisha tag on it.

For £1.59 it is a really cute and good set. I have needed a pad for my lists and recipes and this will do nicely. I am also going back to uni in September so any stationary is good, especially when it is good value! :D

japanese stationary