Monday, 16 May 2011

Pandora; Queen Bee Charm

Pandora queen bee 1

This is my 3rd charm. I just couldn't wait to get this one!! In my last post on my "I Love You" charm, I love mentioned that I love two tone charms, silver with a bit of gold detail, so this bee charm for me was a must! . This is a smiley little bee with a 14ct gold crown (which I think is such a cute idea), and she has little legs, arms and antenae which I think make her so cute, and of course her stripes which is detailed by oxidising, and she has a shaped pointed (but a rounded point) bum to make it look like she has a sting. . She looks so sweet and happy with her little crown on! I guess there isn't really any deep or significant meaning as to why I bought this charm, however she just makes me smile when I look at her and her cheery little face, and she is just so cute!! If only real bees were that cute, I probably wouldn't dislike them as much!!

Pandora queen bee 2

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