Monday, 16 May 2011

Radley Lintott Wheeled Holdall

radley lintott weekender

This is such a great holdall. It isn't too big or too small, and it has the option of wheeling it or carrying it. It was £129 RRP, however I got it for £66! It's hard to get any weekender for that price, never mind a Radley! . It has 2 big pockets on the front and a big zip pocket on the back. It has a zip up pocket on the size which hides the handle which can be extended to make it into a wheely case. I love that the handle can be retracted and hidden. This is in my 2nd picture, the zipped up bit is where the handle is. And it has both silent wheels, and little feet to stop the fabric getting dirty. This is in my third photo. . I love the colours, the flowers, the polka dots and the little scotty dogs on this design! It is so cute and feminine! I have been looking for weekenders for over a year now and nothing has fit the bill, it's been too big or too small, not had a wheely option or it has just been a horrible design or quality. So I am glad to have found this which ticks all the boxes.

radley lintott weekender 3

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