Monday, 16 May 2011

Radley Green/Teal Aviator Sunglasses

radley green/teal aviator sunglasses

As soon as I saw these I had to have them! They were supposed to be £60 but I got them on sale for £19, so then there was no excuse not to get them! . These are green and teal, they have no frame so they look less imposing on the face, and they have little purple and orange flowers holding the legs to the glass, which is really cute and unusual. They are UV 400 so they absorb 100% of the suns harmful rays, however they surprisingly don't make every thing look teal, it just looks less bright. . These come with the usual bronze and polka dotty oversized case (which is probably too oversized as it takes up so much room), which is very hard and protective of the glasses. . They are really good quality for £19, but I don't think they would have been worth £60 looking at the finish, as there are flaws such as a gap between the first half of the leg and the second half of the leg, and one leg has more of a gap then the other. They also had a little (very little) scratch on them, but for the price I got them for I can't complain, and it isn't too visible and doesn't affect vision, but when you look closely it is still there!

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